Wednesday, 19 February 2020


The road to Croes-goch from Abereiddy: pastel sketch for a painting


Croes-goch lies on one of the pilgrimage routes to St David's cathedral. Nearby, at Mesur y Dorth, a specially carved stone, indicates a spot where people shared their bread before the last stage of their journey. The stone is still clearly visible just to the north of the crossroads. 

The name of the village is thought to originate from a fierce battle, which occurred near the village. The fight resulted in so great a slaughter of men the myth tells river of blood that formed a cross, Croes-Goch translated mean red cross.

The leading painter John Knapp Fisher lived and worked here in Trevigan Cottage until his death in 2015. The cottage is gallery is often open selling prints of his work.  I am greatly inspired by his work, paintings that capture the skies and seas and villages of this remarkable country, characteristic are a tiny collection of cottages, perhaps a chapel, crouched together under a dark sky.

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