Sunday, 16 February 2020


Dryslwyn Castle  Acrylic on Board  30 x 20 cm

From the top of a steep hill on which perches what is left of Dryslwyn Castle you can see the wonderful oxbow curves of the Afon Tywi (River Towy). 

Seventy-five precious miles of lovely waterway, this is the longest river entirely flowing within Wales from the Cambrian Mountains, through steep forests of Tywi and south-westwards into dear Carmarthenshire. Here the river meets up with the River Taf together they into Carmarthen Bay.  

Its lower estuary is guarded by Lansteffan Castle, another Norman bastion of which there are so many hereabouts.

Famed for big sea trout each spring,  Salmo trutta swim up stream to breed in the tributaries. The Towy boasts a population of otters and grey seals are common in the lower reaches, chasing the sea trout and salmon upstream! 

In 1932 angler Alec Allen, fishing the Tywi near Nantgaredig, caught by far the biggest fish ever taken on rod and line in fresh water in Britain. He landed a sturgeon (Acipwienser sturio) weighing 388 lb. and nine feet two inches in length. 

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