Tuesday, 28 January 2020


Abereiddy Beach Pebbles and Slate

It was one of those days in winter when it never seems to get light. We pulled up at Abereiddy beach. Close by its small hamlet of houses and cottages huddled together for warm. 

We walked down to the water’s edge and back, across lots and lots and lots of lovely pebbles and extraordinarily dark sand made of pounded grey slate. Slate mining was once a big business on this part of the coast. 

Ruins of a small group of slate houses known as The Street remain near the beach, their stones peering across at you through the headland grass. These were built for the quarry workers of the ‘Blue Lagoon’ only abandoned after a flood in the early 1900’s.

 The ‘Blue Lagoon’ itself is a beautiful little harbour – the hamlet’s breached quarry – round the corner just to the north. Its name ‘blue’ because when the sun does shine the slate under the sea causes it to shimmer all shades of turquoise.

Duw Bendithia

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