Friday, 15 November 2019


Tour Guide Vitoria scoops up from reception and we spend sometime sorting our tickets out for Machu Picchu (the train, bus and the entrance tickets to this celebrated site!)

Then we are off along the valley, parallel to the River Vilcanota. And after sixty minutes through small towns and villages and fields proudly showing crops of maize we go up an almost vertical road to the Pisac ruins. This is an Inca site evidenced of their terracing and ‘town planning’. 

Pisac -  Inca Town Planning

Pisac Market: We met the mayor too
Sadly about twenty other tour buses had beaten us to it. So we sensibly turned off the track at a lower level and looked towards the site. Pisac was an early skirmish with the hoards of tourism; the real battles were to follow in the next two days. The girls walked a little way to explore the lower ruins. I sat and drew. 

Looking at the mountains, for the briefest of moments, I felt very close to them and God. As I write this I am tearful at the recall and I will hold this moment for always. It was my first brush with the spirituality of this country.

We returned to our hotel, the swish Casa Andina, via the village of Pisac. We wandered round the village’s market there and had our picture taken with the mayor whose stall in the market square was promoting something or other. 

The rest of day was spent at the hotel. B feed the llamas in the hotel grounds and I saw my first humming bird. We made a light supper ready for an early departure the next day.

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