Friday, 22 November 2019


In the breakfast room the piped music featured ‘50’s Bossa Nova tunes. This was entirely appropriate as a large party of Japanese elderlies shimmied around the central buffet table monopolizing everything on offer.

After breakfast we enjoyed another perilous bus trip back up to MP. The girls made a triumphant walk all the way up to the Sun Gate, which sits high up above the main site. It was a three-hour walk of some nine kilometres, a triumph!

Planning to stay on the lower levels whilst they did their big walk, I barely entered Machu P before the darkness of my fear of heights forced my return back through the turnstile. I gazed down at the crowd entering and exiting, all of them salivating over their iPhone pictures. I nursed my shame over a coffee in the cafe looking out on the mountains surrounding me. One drawing made.

The Girls returned back from their great trek at 11:30 and we were back down in Aguas Calintes by noon. Everyone was hungry. We dived into a place with a grandstand view of Day Two’s mountain bike racing through the streets. I had a ‘Machu Picchu’ piazza.

For several hours we lolled in the hotel lobby. Everyone else seemed to be getting a train out of Aguas Calintes this afternoon. Ours is at 16:43 to CUZCO, well one stop just before Cuzco; Poray station, which is closer to our hotel. 

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