Tuesday, 11 June 2019



Cochem town has its full quota of early morning traffic, I begged a pot of coffee from the Frau doing breakfasts and caught up with notes and colouring in. High sun again and as we headed out so did the tourists, swarming on cobbled streets, craning necks and enjoying the exhortations of tour guides in several Asian languages. 

This was our last day in the saddle and not without its challenges. Lovely cycling and quiet-ish roads until mid afternoon about six miles from KOBLENZ, our final stop, Dave the pilot contracted a puncture!

There was nothing for it but to pull over, and luckily right outside a bakery coffee shop Backerei Alsbach. We all enjoyed apple juice and wurst, a real tonic as we considered the situation. Meanwhile the Baker hopped in his van and drove home for his bike pump.   We quickly inflated Dave’s rear tyre and he peddled off immediately intending to reach Koblenz before the tyre was again flat.

The Barbara Cartland Suite
He made it! 

We all meet up at Deutsches Eck (German Corner) an area of parkland and statuary where the Mosel meets the Rhine, our journey’s end. We walked with Dave and his bike to our hotel. The Hotel Brenner. 

Across the tour all accommodation was very good. I was especially lucky that evening. My room overlooked quiet gardens and in the morning there was much bird song. Everything in my room was white with swags and swirls on every available surface – Baroque Ikea. I dubbed my quarters the Barbara Cartland Suite

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