Monday, 10 June 2019


Early in the morning and the town of Traben was stirring itself for another week. There was a peel of bells just before seven, which I managed to record.  I went up to see the church, which was all clean and cream surrounded by grand gravestones and monuments.

Traben Church

Soon we were off along the river, again sun, the naughty headwind and all the scenery we could possibly want; another litany of vineyards with a high sun shining through foliage. 

Young vines growing well

Our lunchtime stop was ZELL whose Riesling wine is known far beyond the local area as Zeller Schwarze Katz, enjoyed coffee and cake. I bought postcards and stamps.
Festive Zell

Drama of the day was an impossibly large tree that has fallen across our path. A detour was not an option so we hauled each bike up along a small track above ours and manhandled each bike  over the tree’s trunk and down its other side through the foliage and undergrowth.

We helped an elderly couple perform the same manoeuvre and had the grace not to accept their proffered twenty-euro tip.  

We cycled into the town of COCHEM. This was our stop for the night at the Hotel Karl Nossover looking the river and the tour boats moored alongside by the bridge. The entry into Cochem was impressive, looking up at the Reichsburgcastle. 

into Cochem

It was perched high above us on the opposite bank, almost in silhouette against an early evening sun.  Less impressive, we all agreed, were there being no stock in each room’s minibar.

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