Saturday, 6 April 2019


Don't you just love it. People book a seat at the table, turn up and half the group are hard at it before I can say "Hello, I am Tim Baynes".

Some members of the group have only just started painting, others are more than very good at drawing and painting. It is open to everyone, all are welcome.

I mince in with materials and an impressive vase of stocks and everyone makes lovely pictures. 

Some of the team are working on particular pieces of their own choosing, a Venetian largo, a scene in the Lake District. 


It all happens at Beaconsfield Library. Arguably one of the loveliest places in the town and the most important. 

Sometime back the team at the Library suggested I come in show some work and talk about how I do what I do.

IT SOON BECAME APPARENT, after my first session, that people are more interested in having a go, getting some tips and ideas and some ENCOURAGEMENT (sorry to shout).
Fab! I can do that.

Next Artist is Residence Beaconsfield Library is April 23. 
It is a ticket only event.

Can't wait!

Dead good at drawing!

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