Monday, 29 April 2019


The  working desk.


In some circles Still life painting occupy the lowest place in the artistic food chain but is extremely popular with art buyers. 

Indeed, in recent times 1998 the Hayward Gallery carried the MOMA’s show Objects Of Desire The Modern Still Life.

On page 12 of the catalogue there is a useful definition:
The still life is a system of objects, and it is in the word system that its secret lies. A system is ‘a set or arrangement of things so related or connected as to form a unity or organic whole.

My studies in this area of art took off only a month or so back when on of my Art in the Library group suggested that I make the drawing or painting of a Still Life a project in a future session.

Giorgio Morandi the Italian artist (1890 – 1964) took still life painting his own and off he went! Creating exquisite work in oils, printmaking and drawings. More on Morandi in the world’s favourite encyclopaedia…

My tutors at The Slade raved about Morandi, his compositions and colour usage was praised to the heights. And there are some good pieces to discover more.

I have been made a start in this area and will continue.  The process is playful and calming.

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