Monday, 25 February 2019


Rain comes as we enter Tollesbury. This is village of the plough and sail, and has relied on the harvests of the land and the sea. Oysters are still an important trade. 

Tollesbury: delightful dilapidation 

On the hard, looking out across the saltings the tide is starting to flow, underlined by a local’s warning not to stay parked in this particular spot for too long.

Everything is falling apart or filled to the gunnels with water, intrusive is the constant morse code of rigging against mast. Recorded on my phone it sounds like footsteps. It’s tempo conducted by the wind. 

The Tollesbury Cafe provides good coffee, fortified we return to a drubbing by wind and rain.

Another jaunt under the banner of Travels with my Architect. Trevor brings his implacable architectural eye has created some great photo’s. We hope Curious Coast makes you inquisitive to visit these places. More drawings and photographs here

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