Saturday, 23 February 2019


Land competes with water for space. At low tide water and mud slithers between cracks and crevices in these damp green and rust colour marshes.

Essex: Land competes with water 

Unruly gulls seek food; a curlew is unable to settle. 
And landscape punctuated by an occasional frail wooden fence post.
Far in the distance is the box-like shape of Bradwell Power Station, partially decommissioned.

The River Blackwater is the lands sluice.
And in these margins, here, is where the Roman’s gathered salt, the terracotta shards of their pots still strewn.

Farms and fields abut this marsh ground.
The winter wheat is now clearly visible.
A church close to collapse and roped off. The congregation is directed to the neighbouring parish, pro-tem. The church’s tower looks out to the estuary, and drainpipe gargoyles poke fun as we graze up at them. 

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Another jaunt under the banner of Travels with my Architect. Trevor brings his implacable architectural eye has created some great photo’s. We hope Curious Coast makes you inquisitive to visit these places. More drawings and photographs here

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