Friday, 11 January 2019

Loch Stack and Arkle

Loch Stack   90 x 60 cm   Acrylic on Paper

Loch Stack 

A large freshwater loch in the Sutherland in the far north west of Scotland. It lies approximately 4 mi southeast of Laxford Bridge and is surrounded by mountains. Ben Stack rises steeply from the loch's south-western shore and Arkle lies directly to the north.

Fishing on Loch Stack is from a drifting boat only, with a ghillie being a mandatory requirement. The charge for a boat for two people on Loch Stack is £ 50 per day, a very modest sum for a good chance of migratory fish in magnificent surroundings.

The loch enjoys large areas of submerged rocks and skerries which all harbour the Salmon and Trout as do the burn mouths. These submerged areas extend around the edge of the loch as well as some unexpected shoals of productive shallow water in the middle. The ghillie will guide the boat over these known lies safely and consistently no matter what the wind direction. Sea Trout tend to be more mobile but will still tend to congregate in certain areas, which the ghillies know.

Great fishing is to be had in Arkle's reflection, magnificent mountain a shattered, curving ridge of quartzite. It  will take a good seven hours to ascend in Summer.  The mountain gave its name to Arkle was an Irish thoroughbred racehorse owned the late Duchess of Westminster who’s estate nestles against this ridge.

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