Monday, 18 June 2018

Laugharne Love

Tea by the Sea is just down the road in Pendine. Great coffee tea and cakes.
Pendine is never crowded even in high summer. The Beach is a 6¼-mile long at Gilmore Point, at the western end is a small bay of sand and rock-pools, with a wall of high limestone cliffs and secret small caves. 
The view from the Tea by the Sea cafe

Evening sun is setting over the town of Laugharne; share it with seagulls and a boisterous rookery. Golden sun makes the chardonnay sparkle in your glass; all is orange, gold and chrome yellow.

Morning, don’t be late abed! Get up and walk down Victoria Street. The River Tâf’s estuary iridescent in the sun through a high garden of grasses and teasels. Walk down to the base of the castle. Another day begins as people greet one another.
 By the River's estuary early morning

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