Sunday, 21 January 2018

Porthcawl, a seaside gem.

Porthcawl. We returned there the other day by coincidence I discovered this post which had be dozing in my Drafts folder for twelve months 

Close by Wigfach where we stay in South Wales is Porthcawl. We spent more time in the town on this last trip. While there is an air of faded glory about the place, once nearly the whole population of the mining valleys decamped to Porthcawl. It suddenly mushroomed into one of the most popular holiday resorts in the country in 1950s.

Now the acres and acres of fixed caravans of Trecco Bay Caravan Park offer holiday homes and what looks to be more permanent places to stay.
The town centre provides an exciting array of fish and chip shops, ice cream parlours and pubs and one of the best Poundland stores I have ever visited.
Lovely beaches, Trecco Bay’s and several others close by enjoying Blue Flag Status.

On the way home one evening Sian and I called into The Jolly Sailor pub, the oldest in Porthcawl and overlooks the green at Newton. 

The next day, returning with the bread for breakfast, I stopped and made a drawing at the church. St. John's Church, founded by the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem 800 years ago, and originally built as a fortress, overlooks the village green. It looks like a stronghold facing towards the sea.

It is wonderful making discoveries as we travel.

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