Thursday, 11 January 2018

A short trip to Nagaland

 Nagaland is a mountainous state in northeast India, bordering Myanmar. Here have made their home to diverse indigenous tribes, whose festivals and markets celebrate the different tribes' culture.

Nagaland  is one of the places that Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt-Rivers visited as he amassed his collection of 20,000 objects that from 1884 to this day has to be one of the most exciting museum collections on the planet -

The Pitt Rivers Museum today is an anthropological romp around the globe. Unsurpassed and a collection brimming with exciting bits and bobs.

I spent two hours in the Upper Gallery, billed as ‘Shields, Spears and Samurai’ and most of that time with my face pressed up against a huge glass case of pieces from the Naga Peoples.

Another trip is planned, to  spend more time with the Nuer and Dinka Peoples from Sudan.

The Pitt Rivers Museum is a Caucus-Race; there is no start or finish. No story to follow, no instructions or intrusive curatorial directives. This is a place where  it is sufficient to wander through a maze of cases letting your curiosity lead you.

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