Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Oyster Catchers of Orkney

Where we stay in Orkney, every morning when I get up and step outside the cottage to gaze across the loch I am greeted by two oyster catchers.
Oliver and Owen investigate. Watercolour on paper.
Oliver and Owen.

Each day they are nosing around the ground that borders the narrow road that passes us. These birds are the sophisticated sparrows of Orkney. Everywhere and anywhere and often they fly or strut around in gangs of three or more. They are large, obvious and noisy!  their long red bills are perfect for smashing or prying open molluscs.

Millbrig our home in Orkney, from the 2014 sketchbook

Every morning I get up and step outside, to gaze across the loch, 2015 sketchbook

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  1. Fabulous capture of Oyster catchers. I look forward to the compare and contrast with their Glen Bruar cousins


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