Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Orkney Tales 5 - The Sands of Evie

Wednesday -  The Sands of Evie

After farewells, leaving Richard and Fi back at the Stromness Ferry, we head for the beach. It had turned into a really hot day

The Bay of Skail on the way to Evie (kind of)

One of our favourite spots is The Sands of Evie part of Aikerness Bay. We lay out in the sun reading our books. The sounds of a family at the far off water’s edge drifted up along the beach.  Right behind us was the Broch of Gurness an exquisite dry stone construction. It’s the Iron Age round tower fort is fringed by a number of additional structures and impressive concentric ditch and rampart form the outer defences. Add in some the rocky shoreline cliffs and this would have posed formidable challenge for would be invaders.

The Sands of Evie

A Pictish slab was discovered on this beach, suggesting that the Iron Age society liked to dine al fresco on the beach, for perhaps the slab was a picnic table?

A stop off at the Birsay Tea Room 

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