Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Break time at School - Central St Martins #2


Men of Sussex: Initial drawing

Second drawing 

Drawings copied and collage added to explore idea of looking through a window

Oil paint sketch - blue foundation to which colour added later

Week 2 and we are develop paintings from sketches, photographs or found images, experimenting with a range of image manipulation techniques that artists use for translating these sources into figurative work.

I chose two subjects, a busy shopping area in Hong Kong and closer to home, fishermen on our south coast; coming home and selling their catch.  So, unintentionally, but thinking now the twin themes in all my work, 'metropolitan' and 'the sea' bubbled up to the surface!

For both I worked up preliminary drawings, joined pieces together.

 - Moved both on with the application of collage and then two quick oil sketches that will be worked up in oils as a next stage. 

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