Monday, 12 October 2015

Fence & Frost

A lovely lovely fence

A week or so back I was again with cycling chum Ricardo.

We were making our way from Cookham to Maidenhead. The decision was made to go along the Thames Path on the south side of the river, the Berkshire bank. After some fuss we found it. 

And halfway towards Maidenhead we ‘pulled over’ to chat to fellow travellers. Then I spotted this lovely fence. Actually it appeared to be three pieces of ironwork laid against one another. A drawing had to be made.

"Good fences make good neighbours." – a proverb quoted by Robert Frost in the poem "Mending Wall".   

Robert Frost is the closest we get to a local cultural champion here in Beaconsfield. The poet saw the sign of A.C. Frost estate agents when he alighted from the train in 1912. He went on to rent a bungalow in Reynolds Road from Alfred Frost.

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