Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Dusseldorf’s delights: Elector John William

I’d booked an earlier than usual flight into Dusseldorf (working the next day) in the hope of visiting The Museum of Art: Kunstpalast.
Flight confirmed, the Kunstpalast website advised they were closed on Mondays (!)

It was a lovely warm afternoon so I went to Tourist Information and obtained a subway map and street plan and caught the metro to the Alt Stadt. The focal point of the Old Town is the Marktplatz where you'll find the imposing Town Hall (Rathaus)

I made a drawing of the large equestrian statue of Elector* John William II (1658 -1716), which was erected in 1711. He was born in Düsseldorf. 

The Jesuits educated John William, (never a bad thing in those days). and in 1674 he made a grand tour to Italy. Soon after Europe was absorbed in the Nine Years' War 1688–97

And then after  the War of the Spanish succession Johann Wilhelm also received the Bavarian Upper Palatinate.  He died in Düsseldorf and was buried in the St. Andreas Church (a sweet baroque fancy) not far from where this drawing was made.

*He was of those having the privilege of electing the Holy Roman Emperor.

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