Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Mark’s Veg Plot: seeing is believing

Cyber goodness into hyper reality

Sian and I enjoy, like thousands of others, enjoy
each day.

Mark’s stories, gardening tips and tempting tips on cooking all stimulate ideas.

And other Friday we turned cyber goodness into hyper reality with a drive down in Hampshire to meet Mark and his wife Jane.

The ‘plot’, Mark’s garden, is a wonder to behold. Every square inch is utilised and cared for with precision.  Meticulousness doubtless born from his experience on the Parade Grounds of HK where he served in the British Forces for some time.

Sian and Mark did the full tour after Coffee and Cake. I quizzed Jane about her penchant for competitions (she has an enviable track record of winning!) and her passion for making lovely greetings cards. 

A short but sweet visit and full of inspiration.

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