Saturday, 30 May 2015


Thursday morning, the weather was grey and cloudy as if to signal the journey home to England. Dave wrapped the bread-cake ready for the cycle south back to Groningen and we settled our bill with Richard and his wife.

We settled out billed for the journey home

A now familiar landscape today was compressed by cloud and we were soon in Groningen.

We peddled around the city. In the centre there was a huge and hugely noisy Fun Fair its Rides and scary machines butting up to the cathedral’s steps and challenging the towers as to who was taller.  We found lunch primarily to be away from the racket and ate well as there was little expected on the train or the plan home.

A small church along the route

And so we boarded the 17:54 to Amsterdam Schiphol.

We enjoyed days in a delightful part of the world. There is warm welcome everywhere and simple thoughtful tourism with evident pride in appearance from every farm, village and garden and front room. A view and outlook is easy on the eye. There are few people and fewer cars in this really rural area.
Lambs raise heads to bid us farewell

NOTE: Dutch Diary is a four-part story,  parts 2 and 3 will be published very soon 

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