Sunday, 18 January 2015



From the perspective of seeing and drawing winter is my favourite time of year.

On another afternoon cycle ride we stood outside St Nicholas Church in Hedsor and looked down westwards, past the Thames valley and up across to Marlow and The Ridgeway.  It was a clear afternoon, with watery sunshine; where every tree and field had been uncovered and polished up for our enjoyment.

The construction of our countryside is so clear to us in winter months.

 “St Nicholas Church: was extensively ‘modified’ by Lord Boston (Hedsor House) over the second part the 1800’s with the North aisle being added, the south porch converted to a baptistery, a new porch created in the north west corner and the whole of the interior remodelled” states the excellent online Guide. 

The ‘modification’ of this part of England continues into the 21st century: In Beaconsfield every other house is being built onto. Mock-Tudor and Jacobean palaces are being erected on every available building plot.

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