Thursday, 20 November 2014


“I’d like to be less German” said a colleague a few months back in a workshop. 

I found this hard to fathom given my great affection for a land that has given us so many artists, composers and philosophers.

Gilt Trip at the British Museum

The creativity, complexity and confusion of Germany has been tackled head on by an exciting new exhibition at the British Museum: Germany Memories of a Nation.

You’ll find gold and gilt tankards from the Hansa cities (C16) next to a wood cut of Franz Kafka.

The juxtaposition of objects and connections made take a little getting used to. The show is a must and runs until January 25 2015.

I will pop back in to discover more “From the Renaissance to reunification and beyond, the show uses objects to investigate the complexities of addressing a German history which is full of both triumphs and tragedies” as the show is described.

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