Saturday, 1 February 2014


I joined one of artist-tutor Ilga Leimanis’ excellent drawing excursions.

We met up at the Stage Door of the Royal Opera House,
Through one of our party, Alison, we had special access to draw
Rehearsal stage 2 and then behind in the Build Area.

Rehearsal Stage 2, all set up for MANON rehearsals.
The directors’ tables out front, music stand is a sentinel.
The set for Act 1 (The courtyard of an inn at Amiens)
It soars above us in the bright lighting like some great minster.

All is hush as we put our marks down on paper.

We move on to another huge open space,
The Build Area.

Trucks, electrical equipment, tools, fittings and paint in each corner and against each wall. Props complete the sense of theatre construction.

In one corner part of this is more Manon,
The set for Act 3.

Again the wood and steel rise up high as we sit down to draw.

All reverence for this place and the chance to draw there.

Ilga Leimanis’ Drawing Groups are friendly, productive creative occasions - find out more here

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