Saturday, 17 August 2013


This is not a road for people who suffer from vertigo! I lurched in the front passenger seat between stomach wrenching fear and hugging my knees throughout this 21 km long mountain pass on Vietnam National Road 1A.

In places Hai Van was covered the mists that rise from the sea, reducing visibility and my anxiety

The twisting road on the pass has long been a challenge for drivers (no ours though) traveling between the cities of Huế and Đà Nẵng. I was relieved when we took the Hai Van Tunnel on the return journey back to Da Nang.

The Hai Van Pass has been of major tactical importance, the north-south divide. Since the Second Century he who controls the pass controls the country. I was pleased, eventually, to regain control of my fear on the downwards stretch of this road, which Jeremy Clarkson described as one of the finest coastal roads in the world.

Working the fields

Fishermen on the estuary

Pulling away from the bank

This was part of a wonderful two-week stay in Vietnam in July, we were based in Hoi An, half way up the countries long and exciting coast, about 1000 km north of Ho Chi Min City (Saigon).

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