Friday, 26 April 2013


It was a warm afternoon. Although tired from a twelve hour flight from Sao Paulo I was still determined to see a little of Madrid. Two churches in particular caught my eye, both quite close to one another in the Opera district of the city.

Madrid’s subway system is easy to master and I was soon in the Opera district.
Both churches were shut firm. So I guessed all churches were forbidden me on a Sunday afternoon.

I without a plan I wandered through the streets, warm and full of people. 

 April 7

I sat down to draw at one café and took an espresso. The waitress admired my scribbling. People chatted; two young guys faced each other earnestly over their beers, one giving the other advice on his relationship to some girl (not present at their table). 

Conversations always drift over me when I am drawing yet seem to be captured in the lines on my book. I walked on to Plaza de San Andres, full of people and again sat down to draw.

A lovely lovely afternoon, made easy by a great transport system. Made memorable through the crowds at every café on every corner, city that can still enjoy itself.

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