Sunday, 3 March 2013

Further south on a Monday

At around 11:30 on Monday morning we left to head south-west back to Union Island to sign out from St Vincent and the Grenadines, the prelude to going further south and eventually a ferry for four of us sometime on Wednesday.

Gently round Union Island  to Chatham Bay
Mid afternoon saw us motoring gently round Union to Chatham Bay and board deep bay of majestic proportions and only a few other yachts moored close to the beach.  Pelicans patrol the rocks and occassional alight on the drift wood  and branches that find themselves wedges hard, providing a perfect perch.

More swimming and then at 06:08 the perfect sunset. A thousand shades  of yellow to red and deeper into purple and blue. The sun a golden ball until its orange is little more than a pin prick of light and in a second is gone below a black horizon line.

It really was time to go across to see Secky and Vanessa on their beach side resturant for our supper. Fish (three kinds) and lobster. Reggae puts us in the mood and keeps us there. Food delicious! and the last light of day extingushes itself. The music and conversation continues.

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