Monday, 4 March 2013

Caribbean Post Script

Supper on the Beach
The Kalinago Beach Resort, about 10 minutes from St.Georges on the island of Granada. 

It has its own beach front which today, Thursday, is the scene of festivity and picnics as the locals swarm down to the sand with ice boxes and plates and dishes covered in tin foil. 

Sunset bliss
It is Independance Day in Grenada. Everyone is wearing the national colours red-green-yellow.
A lazy day or at least until we  head out to the airport for the flight home.

The final part of our voyage

Caribbean Dream; The Windward Isles, a real taste of the Caribbean. Warm winds, turquoise seas, green islands and white sands. Greenery punctuated by colourful houses perched on hillsides and populated by people smiling and enjoying the reggae music

Petit Martinque 

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