Saturday, 18 August 2012


The other day I was seeking to provide an activity for 10 colleagues by taking them into the British Museum. Having sent them off to explore at will, I headed the China Asia and Southeast Asia collections in room 33. The wonderful thing about the BM is that if one hankers after being back in Asia then you can enter this exciting part of the world through the doors the British Museum!

A completely new discovery for me was Korea (Room 67) this contained some absolute delights from 5000 BC to A.D. 1900.

One forgets, with so much written about modern Korea, North and South, that that there is a vast heritage of delightful and beautiful design and craft from this part of the world. The whole set up in room 67 is so quiet and so peaceful being light at the back of the museum that you are quite undisturbed and completely in Korea. 

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