Friday, 22 July 2011

Leslie Charles Driscoll - 20 December 1937 - 6 February 2011

The last time I saw Leslie Driscoll he had a big smile on his face, was making jokes and at the same time, complaining about the service.

Leslie was perhaps one of the greatest influences on my life.

He touched the hearts of so many people with his wit, charm and congenital desire to introduce kindred spirits to one another.

He passed away in the beginning of this year after a long battle with illness.

We, those kindred spirits, had a farewell and thanksgiving service on on 22 February and later that day repaired to the The Pig's Ear in Old Church Street in Chelsea, as moment away from where he lived. We celebrated, on that grey February day, a life well lived and renewed friendships, one with another!

Last weekend a smaller number of the party journeyed to Sancreed. Sancreed is a small village 10 minutes from from Penzance. We went to pour his ashes in the area close to Sancreed Well, a holy place, a place that Driscoll loved so much. This grey July weekend was suddenly lit with bright afternoon sunshine across Cornish fields and hedgerows. Then we celebrated, again, in a magnificent party hosted by Michael Truscott the lifetime partner of artist John Miller of whom Leslie was also so very, very fond.

Dear Driscoll, God bless you and make his face to shine upon you and give you peace.

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  1. We loved him so and shared many happy(and naughty) times. An overwhelming memory was Leslie's last trip to us in France. La Driscoll arrived, looking regal and every inch the Queen speeding through security in a wheelchair at Toulouse airport. A delicious French assistant in tow! Rest in peace, our dearest Dolly.


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