Monday, 8 November 2010

Paris warm grey

Voice 1“He doesn’t think globally”
Voice 2 “Budget cycle, usually successful, Nordics you know about, Belgium we have, very natural he is, Nils, director but then again, in the Netherlands. . . . “
Voice 1 “Sandbagging?
Voice 2 “I don’t know. Quite agitated though. . .
A conversation you cannot help overhearing - on the eurostar train back to London, Two high ranking north Americans, spear-carriers, in software, at a guess. I click on iTunes and drown my self in the Pulp Fiction sound track.
I am returning to the UK after a day with the team in Paris; and with it the stark realisation why my depiction of Paris in my show (runs until 14 November) has not sold: The picture is bereft of energy. I went out at lunchtime to buy postcards and was struck by the liveliness on the streets featured in the photo a woman on a bicycle carrying a fir tree on the back. Christmas comes early? Warm grey Paris the perfect counterpoint to Dubai the previous week (details to follow).

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