Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Journeys End

Saturday was the last day at The Circus Gallery . Several pieces from my ‘back studio’* were snapped up which was especially pleasing.
Better still a good crowd of people visited:
In the morning super-friend Katherine, painter-husband Oliver and baby Rocco. Attached to this delightful entourage was Katherine’s father, poet Gene Stevenson. Gene and I chatted about how we both celebrate the world of travel, me in print-making, and he in poetry. Bonus: Gene was acquainted with Thom Gunn**

Rocco was awarded the Youngest Visitor to the Show .
Photos feature Oliver Katherine Rocco and Jo Bergdahl, Partner at Circus

*Back Studio – I picked this useful phrase up from Juliet Johnson, Director at the Frost & Reed gallery who the other day told me how artists often bring out work unsold from previous exhibitions in the hope of selling in a current show. All rather grand I though, must give it a go. ** Thom Gunn (1929 - 2004) In Praise of Cities – a poem I discovered earlier in the year, that was a critical in inspiring my show

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