Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Istanbul Tuesday Morning

Certainly a morn for celebration as I have clean shirt from the hotel laundry the cost of which is allowable under the company's expenses policy. Awoke, in a bed, to the sound and then smell of fresh rain, soon followed by bakery smells particularly croissant.
Last evening we were entertained by Baran and his wife and family. Baran the eminence gris of our sales respresentative network in this part of the world. Spirits high as was the splendid resturant (Anemon) close by and level with the top of the Galata Tower. The resturant afforded an wonderful view of the Golden Horn and European side of the city, all washed in a pastel sunset. Attemped drawing, mixed results.
Tour leader Chris continues to direct our plans; currently maybe Milan or maybe Manchester. Personally auxious that I may run out of Clinique Age Defence Hydrator SPF15. However our chins remain elevated. We are blessed as the call to prayer drifts across the city.

Illustrated: The dinner party at Anemon; Golden Horn; A new dawn at the Best Western Hotel.

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