Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Wednesday afternoon. We can’t believe it. We are aboard BD 808 to Heathrow Terminal 1
Four of us. Home. Four of the 150,000 British nationals (according to Tom saw it on the BBC World News) who were stranded in Europe. That’s enough people to fill seven hundred and fifty Airbus 330s.

In the warm spring sun we walk across the tarmac to board the small, shiny and perfectly formed 47 seater Embraer ERJ-145. Relieved.

Grateful to everyone that helped us along this four part odyssey especially close colleagues in London office, Natalie and Rupa (our Athene and Circe)and Sali and the team in office in Dubai.

Our lives are easily fractured. Certainty is unwittingly violated by the natural order of things and the fallout from Iceland’s volcanoes will continue.

End this story from Thom Gunn's poem

ON THE MOVE ‘Man, you gotta Go’

At worst, one is in motion; and at best,
Reaching no absolute, in which to rest,
One is always nearer by not keeping still.

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