Thursday, 9 March 2017

A new language in the playground - Central St Martins #3

My painting course: a new vocabulary

LADIES MARKET HONG KONG: Initial drawing to which collage is added
Right from day one with words from Roger Gill our tutor. 

Roger is an artist and tutor who works in London and who has exhibited in the UK and Europe. He teaches a number of drawing and painting courses at Central Saint Martins - Roger's work?  See

The words – recorded from three weeks back and repeated for my assistance

Risk  - take them

Decisions – make them

Composition  - being mindful of where the figures or components full on a page/canvas

Tone – thinking in tones is better than thinking in line – line OK to get started

Rhythm – look for the rhythms in a painting and consider the value of repeating them

Essence – the something one is trying to access or capture

Observation – deep looking into the subject or work, observation leads to involvement = better picture making.

More collage to explore composition

Oil sketch to which colour will be added next