Monday, 21 December 2015

The Tower of Power, Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge London on a blustery day

I love my job, especially when at the lunch break I can see views like this - majestic Tower Bridge, whose loveliness frames the excrescences of glass gherkins and other unimaginative crystal vanities in the City., Tower Bridge is a timeless iconic delight.

By the bridge’s north bank was formerly Irongate Wharf. From here Patrick Leigh Fermor began his walk to Constantinople on a blustery rain filled afternoon in December 1933 described in his wonderful book  A Time of Gifts

‘We halted on the bridge just short of the first barbican and the driver indicated the flight of steps that descended to Irongate Wharf.  We were down them in a moment, beyond them with the Dutch tricolour beating damply from her poop and a ragged fan of smoke streaming over the river the STADTHOUDER WILLEM rode at Anchor.’