Sunday, 2 February 2014


The Seville Oranges were again in stock in Waitrose store and so a good quatity was purchased. The big cauldron was brought in from the garage and a year’s worth of glass jars were washed again and readied for occupation!

It was time to make marmalade: 

Marmalade was invented in Scotland, Dundee in the late 18th century when a local James Keiller discovered a cargo of oranges being sold cheaply. Thinking he could sell it for profit in his shop, he bought the whole lot only to discover they were bitter and so unsellable.

His wife however thought the oranges might make a jam and took them home. The result was hugely successful and was named Marmalade after Marmelos, a Portuguese word for a quince paste like Mrs Keiller’s orange spread.

(Marmalade is still produced today by the Keiller Company in Dundee and by us in Beaconsfield)