Sunday, 21 November 2021


Do you remember when we had relatives that dutifully presented us with our materials either at Christmas or on our birthdays?


Familiar names even now… Daler, Rowney, Windsor & Newton and Reeves.

Each gift a treasured possession. And we thought at the time hugely expensive. 

Most of these brands have now been snapped up by a holding company in France carrying the name ‘Windsor and Newton’


Ordering your paint brushes now? for example, the names are a much more exotic…

Zhu Ting


And my personal favourite....

Keep Smiling

It must have six weeks ago when a tutor had us make our own brushes. 

My Brush Set 

Sarah Lees had us scouring the campus looking for anything which we could possibly press into service to create a 'brush' and make a mark. And the results were beautiful. 


I’ve kept mine and I use them for their unique lines and shapes. 

Diolch Sarah.

A small example of output 

Enjoy Sarah's work here and in several galleries across West Wales


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