Monday, 4 October 2021



The busy A4066 is the road out of Laugharne onto the A40 (Carmarthen-Fishguard). 


My bus uses it every day (except Sundays). I wanted to spend more time looking at the exquisite views to the east that you glimpse only fleetingly from the bus. So I decided that I would venture out taking the bus out of Laugharne and getting it to drop me a mile or so up the road at Cross Inn.


Most of the 2.6 miles has no footpath by the side of the road. I wore some hi-vis and fearless faced the oncoming traffic art bag, with board and paper and crayons in one hand.

The other hand was free to give a thumbs up approbation to each car as it passed.


The countryside is wonderful. The ribbon of the Afon Taf is only seldom out of view reflecting as it did yesterday the grey skies above. Further still and above the river is a ridgeline of hills which were shrouded in mist. Pylon’s march across this calm landscape. Close by, their offspring, the telegraph poles, taking their wares to the farms and houses hereabouts. 


Breaks in the hedgerows, entrances to fields, provide wonderful views out across the landscape and the opportunity to use the top of a five-bar gate as an easel on to rest my board.

Telegraph poles, taking their wares to the farms and houses hereabouts

In these same hedgerows are the first signs of autumn. Plenty of blackberries, purple scabious, a few yellow dandelions, tangles of old man’s beard, the skeletons of cow parsley, the seed heads of verge-side grasses and other colourful berries all are on parade.


I make several drawings, having forgotten my pen, my mark making was bold and colourful.

The skeletons of cow parsley

I cross the Taf, the bridge is quite narrow for a pedestrian and a car. Drivers avert their eyes.

Into St Clears and outside St Mary Magdelene I enjoy a good drink of water and soon the bus home pulls up for me.


Once home I add some detail to my work. It is a great way to recall the excitement of what I have seen and the realisation that wonderful scenery can only be enjoyed on foot.

And along the way...... 

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