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In looking at these wonderful buildings I try to determine what is special about each. And also looking at each chapel what is the overall  overall feeling it gives.  

Abergwelli near Carmarthen
To my mind each fall into three styles, Plain and Simple, Piss-elegant and Neo-Classical wannabe’s

None of these terms are intended as pejorative.

What I have tried to do with these three pieces is start with broad areas of colour or colour wash, one has collage employed to create the entire work. 

I am seeking to  move away from the 'draw lines and colour in' approach and think more about the shape and form of these wonderful buildings. 

Each chapel is as particular as the people in who’s land they sit. 

I find it hard to drive past a chapel in Wales without taking a photography of it loveliness!

Newcastle Emlyn

My hero the artist John Piper Welsh chapels would be a constant subject for Piper, with his attentiveness towards them developing throughout his frequent visits to Wales. Of chapels Piper noted in 1974

“I do regard myself as a bit of a pioneer in pointing out these chapels are not the hideous things they used to be thought… They are uneducated, passionate, argumentative and contradictory, architecturally illiterate – which are their virtues”.

Extract from
A paper presented at the MONC Word and Image conference at National Library of Wales - September 2017
© Paul Cabuts 2017

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