Friday, 13 September 2019


The tall castle was on the edge of the town
“Hey lets have a cup of tea” said Sian
Tim made a drawing of a chapel painted in pink.
This man was enjoying  his ice cream.
The cheese factory was on a farm, here is the cheese making equipment.

Sian and Tim and Rosie the Puppy had been to West Wales before. 

This adventure sees them on a huge beach.
“Hey lets have a cup of tea” said Sian and so they did.
At a lovely café called Tea by the Sea.
Well, Tim had a double espresso as he always does.

Next day they visited a castle and see cheese being made. 
And they try to visit the National Museum of Wool, 
This plan is thwarted, as the car park is full.

In a small town called Newcastle Emlyn the see several chapels.
These are like tiny churches, there are many in Wales.
Tim makes a drawing of a chapel painted in pink.

Tim also takes photographs of chapel asking Sian to park precariously by the side of the road.
“Oh, dear do I have to?” Asks Sian and then calls Tim a rude name.

The cheese factory was on a farm. 
Prince Charles had been there in 2004.
He likes welsh cheese
Just as well though Sian, he is the Prince of Wales.

The castle was on the edge of the town,
It was surrounded on three sides by a river.
It was difficult to capture, only Oliver Cromwell succeeded.
Sian said “Well, nasty Oliver C must have someone on the inside to help him”

It rained all day, it does often rain in Wales and they felt tired perhaps
it was because of the cans of Kronenberg 1664 they drank with their yummy picnic lunch.

The next day was bright and sunny so Tim said 
“Let us go to the big beach again”.
“Oh lets” said Rosie the Puppy
“Oh, alright then” said Sian.

Then they drove home, to Angryland, which is near London, having had a lovely time.

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