Saturday, 5 May 2018

Terrific Tulips

Varieties  Silk Road  Parrot and Queen of Night
Tulips have been lovely this year and enjoying a renaissance in Sian’s garden (illustrated) and the broad fields in Norfolk.

And the Mail on Line reports (so is must be true) 
‘Britain’s last remaining tulip bulb fields are making a comeback this year with farmers planting seventy per cent more flowers to cope with the sudden demand. Farmers will also select the best flowers for the annual Spalding Tulip Parade, which uses 300,000 tulip heads to decorate its floats.

A machine then finishes the job, guillotining the remaining heads from their stalks.

The heads are left in rows in the field to rot, while the leaves and stalks are left to decompose and the bulbs finally removed from the soil in June.’

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