Saturday, 31 March 2018

Tollesbury Creek and the fishermen's shed

Tollesbury Morning    31 X 49 cm   Oil on Board
In my art class the other day I returned to that nagging leitmotif, Tollesbury in Essex.

This time I was applying my paint with just a spatula and carving it back with my palette knife.
The result is dangerously close to being exciting.

And worthy of the place I have been to so often with my father, the ashes of whom I scattered close to here at the turn of the year.

A place I often refer to as the edge of the known world and give thanks if it and my having written about it so often here 2011 - 12 when on visits with my father.

Working just a spatula, paired back with a palette knife

Tollesbury - this leitmotif

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