Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Orkney - Puffin-tastic

It is 7.30pm, and the sun is still high in the sky. I drove the top of our road and made a painting looking down to the house, loch and out further to Scapa Flow. Cows and sheep were deep in conversation in every field as I drew.

Oh you Puffins!
Spent some of the day of walking and birding up at Birsay Head.
Saw some Puffins – yeees! (Sian 8 Tim 3)

Birsay - Puffin Land
Many other birds spotted, including Curlews Skylarks Meadow Pipits Gulls (various) Terns (Common and Artic) and many wild flowers.
Luncheon delicious, as it was every day (made by S every day) by our favourite loch-side spot.

I awoke during the night, well 2.35 am, and it was still broad daylight!

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