Saturday, 25 June 2016

PowerPoint in the Pulpit

A number of parish churches one visits have a projector screen erected in the nave or just inside the chancel. This worrying development, for aside from the architectural disorder, it looks naff. 

Doubtless the modern churchgoer is keen on these encumbrances to enjoy PowerPoint presentations, lectures on good works and sing-a-long lyrics.

Last month when out churching with Mike, cycling south of Maidenhead, we entered St Michael in Warfield village through the good offices of someone in the parish.   Simon Jenkins (Thousand Best Churches) has St Michael as having one of the finest chancels in the Thames valley. However I had to ask that the huge projector screen be collapsed to enable me to draw a fine stone screen in the Decorated style immediately behind it.

And poor nave had been cleared of everything that could be moved to allow a constant stream of Mother and Toddler Groups through the week. We did not stay too long as the person who let us in was keen to see us out.

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A visit to St John Shottesbrooke

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  1. I have delivered an IT Service Management course (complete with Powerpoint) in a church.


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