Sunday, 21 February 2016

Mint Green Baroque in Herts

A bit of Baroque does us all a power of good

St Pauls Warden Village

Up a small lane close to a promising looking pub is All Saints where the Queen Mother was baptised. Outside is all ordered and Perpendicular, unflustered by the EasyJets passing overhead.

Inside there is ‘wedding-cake’ like Baroque.  In 1727 a Screen was erected and decorated in white and cotton candy mint green. Magnificent! 
Rosie the Puppy with Simon Jenkins
There is more!  For behind the altar is a reredos, the full height of the chancel, decked out in the same white and mint green.

All Saints, Pauls Warden is a perfect start to the ‘churching’ tour of Hertfordshire on which Rosie the puppy and I were embarked.

Hertfordshire has some wonderful churches in a sliver of countryside between the M1 (west) and the A1 (to the East) so Rosie and I are setting out to discover these places with the help of a pen, Moleskine, a copy of England's Thousand Best Churches, and some treats for Rosie when she is especially good.

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