Wednesday, 11 February 2015


The motif of the Scourie Hotel 
Hoteliers Fiona, Louise and Richard Campbell have returned to the West Highlands, to re-vitalise the hotel at Scourie, exciting adventure for these fiends of ours.

As self-proclaimed artist in residence I am excited about getting up there soon to enjoy time there, a place originally build by the second Duke Of Sutherland as a coaching inn which looks towards the sheltered waters and white sands of Scourie.

An illustration of The Green Highlander was my first commission for the hotel, which has for sometime been the emblem of this lovely inn.

I did a little digging around on The Highlander: www.flyfishersonline tells me that the Green Highlander in old literature was first mentioned in Francis Francis' A Book On Angling of 1885.  Ten years later in George Kelson's The Salmon Fly the author attributes the derivation of "The Green Highlander" to a Mr Grant.  

There are twenty-seven different steps to tying The Green Highlander.  I think I will stick to drawing it!

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