Monday, 16 December 2013


On a Saturday morning there is a delightful bike ride along the lanes just to the south of Beaconsfield, bordering Hall Barn Estate.

I cycle along Green Common Lane, past Odds Farm, with its rare breeds. This faux farm is a magnet for kid-laden SUVs at half term.

Hedgerows punctuated by gates, all of which I have been meaning to draw as I have so often cycle past them.

Last Saturday, dry and bright I packed my drawing book for the ride and captured these four gates. All of different character;

Posh gate shut fast, the ornamental guard at one way into the Hall Barn estate,
Green gate, entrance to a long drive with its stile for walkers
Wooden gate that leads to a genteel flint and red brick farm house

Black gate, its right-hand portion askew, leading to nowhere apparent.

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