Thursday, 12 September 2013


Just northeast of Milton Keynes, and one is still just in Buckinghamshire, just. 

There is a clutch of six churches that are playfully included in Simon Jenkins is wonderful book: A Thousand Best Churches.

With my Brompton folding bike I was that there is little more than 60 minutes from the house.

This is secret Bucks and protected from the raw of the motorway and Milton Keynes. 

This is very flat undulating country and one point I strayed into Bedfordshire to see one of the churches on my list.
St Laurence Chicheley nestles up to a lovely mansion

St Firmin in North Crawley with one of the finest roofs ever

All Saints in Turvey Village

St Marys in Clifton Reynes. 

My route from Turvey to St Mary’s followed the Great Ouse River, its banks was littered with 'No Fishing' signs.

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